Cure for Cancer or New Cookie?

My menu currently consists of four cookie sandwiches plus, what I believe to be, heavenly caramels and dark chocolate truffles.

I have been working on a new cookie/frosting combination and think that I may have hit the jackpot: chewy oatmeal cherry cookies with a rich brown sugar buttercream.

I have been playing around with a few different oatmeal cookie recipes and came up with one that I love. My next step was to figure out how many oats to include as the type and quantity impacts the texture of the cookie. I tested the same dough but used rolled oats in one batch and half rolled oats, half quick oats in the other.

Both doughs are equally delicious.
The two batches look the same...
The winner was the batch with half quick oats, half rolled oats.
The mix yielded a softer cookie which was what I was going for.
I filled them with a rich brown sugar buttercream. The cookies
hardly made it through the photo