I went back to school to get a degree in baking and pastry for one reason and one reason only: to develop a deep-rooted hatred for chocolate chip cookie dough.  Let me be clear, I wanted this hatred to be akin to my hatred of the corporate phrase "share out" or olives.  If, however, I were to base my success in school on the aforementioned "goal", I failed...miserably.

Thankfully, other people enjoy sweets as much as I do.  This means that I can bake and then force simply place a [insert sugar/butter concoction here] in front of my husband and co-workers and, presto, the [sugar/butter concoction] is gone.

This realization has led me to create some delicious treats, my favorite being the cookie sandwich:

The Blackstrap

Chewy molasses with buttercream filling

The Paradise

Chewy sugar with lime and coconut filling


Peanut butter with marshmallow buttercream filling

The Blue Ribbon

Dark chocolate cookie with pistachio filling